Whole House Extract Units

Whole House Extract Units

Range of Whole House Extract Units

  • At S&P we provide mechanical ventilation solutions for all types of homes. Our products ensure the renovation of the air in the house and improve the energy performance, helping to reduce the consumption of heating and improve the comfort of the user.

    Our wide range of whole house extract units offer single-flow (self-regulating and hygroadjustable) and double-flow solutions for single-family dwellings or collective dwellings.

  • Discover our wide range of mechanical ventilation solutions and choose the one that best suits each circumstance:

    Ozeo-E Ecowatt, permanent renewal of air in individual houses

    The whole house extract unit, Ozeo-E Ecowatt, ensures permanent renewal of air in single or multi-dwelling houses. The humidity adjustable exhaust valves located in different rooms (kitchen, bathrooms and toilet) and the air inlets located in the main rooms (dining room and bedrooms), allow the constant entry of new air. This system improves the energy efficiency of the house, reducing the heat consumption and enhancing the user comfort.

    CTB Ecowat Plus, high efficiency roof mounted fans

    Our range of centrifugal roof mounted fans in horizontal discharge format, CTB Ecowat Plus, are mounted directly above a circular duct for the ventilation of housings and small enclosures. This units are equipped with backward curve impellers in galvanised sheet steel, protected by black epoxy polyester paint. All models are fitted with bird proof guard and duct connection flanges with integrated rubber air seal, EC external rotor motor, thermal protector and ON-OFF switch IP55. CTB Ecowat Plus can operate in 4 different modes: constant pressure, constant volume, proportional or min-max.

    Ecoroom, perfect integration in the room

    The decentralized ventilation unit with heat recovery, Ecoroomis a ventilation solution for single rooms and domestic or commercial applications. This unit has a perfect integration in the room thanks to the exchanger located inside the wall, ensuring air quality. The 100mm diameter model can replace existing bathroom extract fans. This unit is designed for continuous operation, the unit adjusts the airflow proportionally to humidity level, ensuring excellent indoor air quality.

    Domeo, whole house extract unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger

    Domeois a whole house extract unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger (up to 92%) setting and very low consumption EC motor. This ventilation unit provides a constant supply of fresh air into the living spaces of a house. Domeois fitted with a 100% bypass and it is equipped with F5 or F7 filters at the inlet and with G4 filters at the outlet to protect the heat exchanger. This unit also includes a remote control to activate the boost function, the bypass and the reset filter alarm.